The Risks of Remembrance
Ann Elizabeth Carson

132 pages • paperback • 6" x 9"

ISBN: 978-0-9865168-1-0

$19.95 CAN/US


Ann's poems reveal the intensity of living fully in the present with an awareness of how time threads through the experiences of body, mind and spirit. Her strong sense of place and passionate observation of the natural world permit a rich and lyric exploration of change that draws in and changes the reader.

Norma Lundberg, Toronto poet


water pulls back from shore


bared in the sun

a look in your eyes


my grumbling gut

look-alike houses   coloured doors   mingled yarns

myriad women


in the sound of speaking

water rolls up the shore

swirled rents open

to a common shoreline

voices sing in the wind around islands

Mary Kikic

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